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All You Need to Know About Sensory Rooms

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What is a sensory room? A sensory room is an umbrella term used to categorise a broad variety of therapeutic spaces that are specifically designed and used to promote self-awareness and positive changes. There are multiple types of sensory room and all of these rooms have different purposes and practises. Overall sensory rooms help to create a safe space that is therapeutic to the user.

Who can benefit from using multi-sensory rooms?

All children and adults with disabilities can benefit from using a sensory room. These environments have proven to be extremely valuable to those with disabilities, some evidence suggests that those with challenging behaviour can improve and may be reduced with long term usage.

What are the benefits?

The time spent in sensory environments has shown to focus client’s attention, improve alertness, improve mobilisation. As well as improvements in the social relationships and communications. This overall will improve the general awareness of the surrounding world. There are a variety of different users that come to our sensory rooms, ranging from school children to older people.

Our service user Jacqueline

Jacqueline has been visiting the sensory rooms for 20 years here at Redbank House. She uses her sessions to calm down and relax. Her favourite music is our classic chill out CD, once the CD is ready to go Jacqueline likes to lie on the water bed and watch the lights flash and twinkle around the room. Her favourite thing about the sensory rooms are that it is a time just for her to unwind. After her hour long session is up she feels refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

Get in touch with us

If you have visited our sensory rooms, tell us all about your experience on Twitter @redbankhouse. Or if you would like to learn more about our sensory rooms in Manchester visit: www.redbankhouse.com/multi-sensory-rooms/

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