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10 Affordable Sensory Products

blue smiley face sensory ball toy

It can be quite a challenge to find sensory toys and products that are both affordable and something to children will love. These are a list of products we have found that will be helpful for all children and adults, both with and without disabilities. These products can be extra helpful for someone with any types of disability both mental and physical – such as Sensory Processing Disorders and Autism.

DNA Stress Ball

Touch and texture are two excellent ways of engaging someone who is not familiar with sensory products. This toy is filled with mini spheres in hot neon colours, every time the ball is squeezed a different mosaic patter appears. The product itself is tactile and irresistible so its a great starting point! It is a lot of fun too!

Mini Trampoline

If  you have a child that needs help calming down, staying focused or getting organised – trampolines are the best way to meet those needs. There is a chance for great sensory feedback – you could play songs whilst they are jumping, such as “1, 2 Buckle My Shoe” etc or even something slower and more soothing. Make sure you are supervising anyone on a trampoline too!

Lava Lamp

Lava lamps are suitable for people of all ages. It gives a visual input to the sensory system. They can be really relaxing to look at. This is a great thing to do when you need relaxing, could be something to fit into your night time routine. Make sure not to touch them as they can get hot!

Bath Foam Soap

This is an excellent product to use in the bath – it can be spread all over the walls of the bath. It washes of easily. If you are brave enough it can be squirted on a sheet on the floor. Be careful as sometimes the foam can stain any materials such as a carpet. But it greats a fun texture and they can use their fingers to draw in the foam.

Rody Inflatable Horse 

This is a great product. It can hold a lot of weight and is very durable – well worth the investment. It is very similar to using an exercise ball but it something a little more fun! And your child can hop on and off on their own.

Kid O Bilibo

This is a great product, its neither a seat nor a bowl! The idea behind it is to stimulate creativity and allow kids to use it in many different ways. It can spin you around as well as being a seat.

Fabric Tunnel

The DIY doesn’t get any easier and it folds up like a blanket for easy storage. The tunnel needs to be held open so kids can crawl through or it can be used to wrap around a child. There are many ways a tunnel can be used and all users will enjoy it!


This simple toy that rocks back and forth like a traditional rocking horse will provide lots of sensory inputs.  It is a great way to understand feedback and the environment.

Swivel Chair

This chair doesn’t only have a cover – but it spins too! It allows someone small enough to pull the shade down and have their own space, which can be important for people that get over stimulated.

This could work as a calming space too!

Jump Rope

This is an extremely traditional product. Its a great idea to incorporate music and a rope, either sitting and singing “Row Row Row your boat”.

These are just some ideas of products that might be useful for all, there are many more out there and we would love to hear your feedback.

More sensory products can be found on the Disabled Living Supplier Directory.

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