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The Perfect Working Environment

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Do you need the perfect working environment? We have some tips for you!

During the summer months in England we can be blessed with warm weather occasionally, working in a room full of others can sometimes be challenging when there is a change in temperature. As we are now entering the colder part of the  year – your office heating might have clicked on, but there is still a challenge trying to please an office full of people.

You can have someone with a scarf on trying to keep warm whilst the office windows are open for others. This blog post will just provide you with a few tips about what can be done to help  you during a change in temperature!

Comfort and productivity

When you are too cold or too hot in the office you are distracted from your work. More of your energy will be used to keep your temperature steady meaning there is less energy to concentrate.
It is important that your workplace is comfortable for all the staff. In a recent study it was found that the industry that you are in also can have an impact on your perfect office temperature. Creative people apparently need warmer offices!

The perfect balance

By creating an environment suitable for all – it can be done by allowing each person to individually control their own environment. This will not only increase the productivity of the office, but you will find that employee absence will be significantly lower. A 2010 study by Public Health England shows that sick leave decreased by 30% when employees were able to control their own individual temperature.

Even in an open plan office it is not impossible, it’s a good idea to find a temperature that everyone can agree on. Then individuals can adjust there own areas, by wearing an extra layer or bringing in a small desk fan.


As with most things communication is key; this should be talked about in a friendly and approachable manner so that all colleagues can bring up their wants and needs.
Communicating any changes in the building, such as the installation of aircon vents is extremely important as you want to keep people in the loop.

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