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Ways to Practice Self-Care in the Workplace

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Self-care in the workplace isn’t something that everybody thinks about. People tend to think more about how they are going to relax when they get home or a particular self-care routine they carry out before coming to work. Self-care affects your mental and physical wellbeing, so we want to share some of the ways you can improve self-care in the workplace.

Prioritise your workload

Listing your top tasks to focus on each day can help. This gives you a schedule for the day on what you aim to finish and helps you to meet deadlines. It can also help to reduce your stress levels as you are balancing a healthy way of working.

Organise your desk

If your desk if full of clutter and you struggle to find things, it’s going to make your day a whole lot harder to complete a task. Whereas if you organise items on your desk for example, files, folders, stationery etc. you save time and can complete your tasks more efficiently.

Drink plenty of water

Water not only keeps you hydrated but it helps your brain to work faster too. Bladder & Bowel UK recommend that adults should drink 1500-2000mls of fluid per day. They also say that good fluids for your bladder and bowel include water, fruity/herbal teas and diluted cordial.

Enjoy your lunch break

Your lunch beak is your time –  an opportunity for you to switch off. Some workdays are busier than others which can result to a shorter lunch break on occasions. However, it’s important to make sure you eat something to keep those brain waves flowing and increase your energy levels.

Don’t procrastinate

If you feel yourself paying less attention to a task, get up from your desk chair and stretch your legs. Sometimes, a few minutes away from your computer can help you to refresh and return with a more motivated mind.

Maintain a can-do attitude

Be realistic about your goals and speak up if something seems out of your reach. Don’t sit in silence and panic. Stay focused and motivated – this way you will feel happier in the workplace and won’t give up when new challenges arise.

These small steps can help to reinforce a positive and creative mindset in the workplace. In such busy, challenging work environments you can forget the importance of self-care which is why we want to encourage others to practice it more. If you have found any of these tips useful please let us know on Twitter @redbankhouse or send us a comment further below.


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