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Understanding Anxiety

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It is very important for others to have a sense of understanding anxiety and look out for the ways in which people may be affected.

The symptoms of anxiety are both mental and physical

Sufferers of anxiety can suffer from physical pain, such as panic attacks, headaches, insomnia, muscle pain to list a few.

The internal symptoms make anxiety an invisible illness

An invisible illness is something that may not be seen, but it is felt. Sometimes the weight of anxiety in your mind is heavy enough that it feels like a physical burden. These symptoms affect every aspect of life from work to relationships.

There are several different types of anxiety — and even those can manifest in different ways

The most common disorders within the umbrella term anxiety are generalised anxiety disorder. This involves chronic worrying about day to day things. Social anxiety involves the fear of social situations. This can include the fear of being judged. The third is panic disorder, which involves the sudden and repeated attacks of irrational fears accompanied by panic attacks and worrying. Due to the nature of anxiety the symptoms are different from person to person.

Anxiety does not mean anti-social

Sometimes those who suffer with anxiety need to take a little time away, this could be from work/friends/obligations.

Finding the right techniques to cope can be difficult

Studies have suggested mediation and relaxation are effective coping methods, however while these can help alleviate symptoms for some, it will not work for everyone. Anxiety is not simple and can be extremely frustrating for those with anxiety.

A lot of people who have anxiety also suffer from depression

Anxiety using comes hand in hand with depression, nearly one half of people who are diagnosed with anxiety also suffer from depression. Anxiety can make you question relationships completely irrationally, try not to take it personally.

Quite often anxiety can make you question your relationships and various aspects of your life, sometimes someone might just need a little bit of reassurance. Reminding someone that they are important can go a long way.

Anxiety and panic attacks

Anxiety and panic attacks sometimes have a cause such as a stressful situation but they can occur without any reason. This means that when you suffer with anxiety you might not always be able to understand why you feel the way you do.

If you would like to learn more to have a better understanding of anxiety, visit the Mind website.

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