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10 Ways You Can Help Others This Spring

someone holding a daisy on the ground

Spring officially starts this month. We want to share some ideas of how you can help others this spring.

Smile and be friendly

The smallest thing can sometimes make the biggest difference, smiling and treating people with kindness costs nothing and can brighten someone’s day!


If you find you have things that you don’t use, head to your local charity shop and donate them so others can put them to good use.

Stop to help

The next time you see someone that might need your help, stop and ask. Sometimes all they need is an extra pair of hands!


If you take time to help others learn it may teach you something about yourself too! You will gain new skills as well as seeing someone else’s skills develop.


If someone seems sad or down often they just need someone to talk to, set some time aside and let them express how they feel.

Do a chore

This may seem like a small thing but cleaning and helping with the household chores can take the weight off somebody else and allow them to relax.

Send a nice email

Just a quick note telling someone how much you appreciate them, or how proud you are of them, or just saying thank you for something they did. This can really make someone’s day.


Just a simple thing as to ask someone what they need help with and offering your services. By offering you are showing you care about them.

Send a letter

A lot of times, people can feel cut off from their friends and family and very alone. By just writing a letter you are letting your family and friends know that you’re thinking about them, if its hand written it also has that personal touch.

Start small

Even the smallest things such as giving up your seat on the bus, holding the door open. All of these are small acts of kindness but 2 can be the year when you start to make a difference to peoples lives!

How are you going to help others this spring?

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