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June, 2017

Our Top 5 Sensory Parks in the UK

autumn leaves on a park bench

We have researched some sensory parks across the UK. Sensory is something we care strongly about at Redbank House and all the way through Disabled Living. Our multi-sensory rooms benefit both children and adults. Feedback has demonstrated that the environment is beneficial for our service users in many ways. So we thought it would be […]


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Understanding Life with Synaesthesia

colourful powders together

Put simply, Synaesthesia is a condition where your senses ‘leak’ into each other. This blog gives the perspective of a person who has Synaesthesia.  What are the different types of Synaesthesia? Colours and patterns (shapes, distinctive colours). Someone may have a certain colour for a certain letter. For example, A = Red and B = […]

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3 Days Until the Magical Manchester Day of 2017

manchester town hall with cloudy sky

The 8th Manchester Day festival is nearly here and will be in the city on Sunday 18th June. This annual event brings everybody together to celebrate everything that’s great in Manchester. There will be a special dedication this year to the 22 people who sadly lost their lives in the attack on 22nd May 2017 […]


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5 Reasons Why We Are Smiling for National Smile Month

black and white photo of womans smile

15th May – 15th June 2017 is National Smile Month. Here at Redbank House there are many things that make us smile on a daily basis. From our ‘Monday Motivation’ all the way through to our ‘Friday Feeling’ there’s always something which makes working at Redbank such a vibrant and positive atmosphere. We believe that […]

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Which Type of Learner Are You?

colourful pencils with colourful sharpeners

Have you ever considered what type of learner you are? We are all different learners. When we reflect on our childhood, we can think about the number of things we learnt such as drawing shapes, writing the alphabet, and becoming familiar with different colours. As we mature into adults these things can still be difficult […]

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Top 10 Parks and Nature Attractions in Greater Manchester

white summer flowers with bright blue sky

We are surrounded by many beautiful things in nature, and in Manchester especially, there are a number of parks and nature attractions where you can explore this for yourself. It is our duty as a community to protect our environment and there are many things that we can do to contribute to this. For example, […]


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