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The Early Signs: To be Frank…lin

toy animals and numbers in a row

This post has been written by Jo Jordan at Spinning in Circles for Disabled Living’s Story of the Month. She talks about noticing the early signs of autism in her son. Franklin was a remarkably content toddler, a dream child. For hours he would sit quietly in the corner of the lounge, playing with his cars, […]

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3 Sensory Toys Your Children Will Love This Summer

children playing outdoors

Summer time has hit the UK and we’re happy to see some sunshine in the sky. As you may already be aware, Disabled Living have a Supplier Directory which includes several suppliers for sensory toys, play and equipment. We selected a few of our favourite sensory products which we think would be perfect for your […]

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A Life with Autism by Rebekah Gillian

2 fidget spinners with daisies on top

This week, Redbank House have a guest feature by Rebekah Gillian. Rebekah is a blogger who writes about her experiences with autism, her interests, and hobbies. We asked Rebekah some questions, to give us an insight to what her life with autism is like. At what age were you diagnosed with autism and how did […]


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World Autism Awareness Week

autism colourful letter pieces

Since its World Autism Awareness Week, a blog about autism is obvious. Autism is a lifelong development disability which affects the way in which a person communicates with other people, and how they experience the world around them. For this year’s Autism Awareness Week we are sharing a personal story. Autism affects 1 in 100 […]


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Meet Jacob Who Suffers with Autism and His Dog Minta

boy with backpack on walking with green views

Jacob is 8-years-old and suffers from severe autism. This means that Jacob struggles with expressing himself and communicating with others. His mother described the moment that Minta entered their lives and she immediately saw a change in Jacob. Support dog Minta was first introduced to the family in 2013, before then Susan, Jacob’s mother, says […]


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