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July, 2017

Makaton Deliver Excellent Training for Communicating with Sign Language

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A Regional Tutor for Makaton Training delivered a 2-day course to help key professionals learn more about sign language. The course took place in EG Training’s office at Redbank House. Communication is one of the most valuable skills we have in life. Makaton Training aims to train professionals across the UK to be able to communicate with children […]


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How A Migraine Can Affect Your Senses

woman lay in bed with headache on white bedding

What do you associate the word migraine with? There are a number of people that refer to a migraine as a headache and only a headache. But a migraine is so much more. There are several sensory warnings when it comes to an aura migraine and Natasha, Marketing Manager at Disabled Living, shares her experience […]

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7 Steps to Creating an Organised Office

colourful windows of high rise office at night

Do you consider yourself to be an organised person in the office? Whether you are working from home or in the workplace with other colleagues, we have some tips that will help you keep you focused and motivated. When businesses goes through busy periods of time, we can begin to lose focus on keeping our […]


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3 Reasons to Love Our Sensory Rooms at Redbank House

colourful chairs and senurround sign redbank house

All children and adults with disabilities can benefit from using our sensory rooms at Redbank House. These environments have proven to be extremely valuable to those with disabilities. Some evidence suggests that those with challenging behaviour can improve and may be reduced over a long term period. Here are our 3 reasons to love your […]

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