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How a Migraine Can Affect Your Senses

woman lay in bed with headache on white bedding

What do you associate the word migraine with? There are a number of people that refer to a migraine as a headache and only a headache. But a migraine is so much more. There are several sensory warnings when it comes to an aura migraine and  Natasha, Marketing Coordinator and Content Writer at Disabled Living, […]


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Understanding Life with Synaesthesia

colourful colours on face and brain drawing

Put simply, Synaesthesia is a condition where your senses ‘leak’ into each other. This blog gives the perspective of a person who has Synaesthesia.  What are the different types of Synaesthesia? Colours and patterns (shapes, distinctive colours). Someone may have a certain colour for a certain letter. For example, A = Red and B = […]


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Diabetes Week 2017 ‘Know Diabetes. Fight Diabetes.’

diabetes kit including needle and reader

There are many awareness weeks this week including Diabetes Week with the theme of ‘Know Diabetes. Fight Diabetes.’ The awareness week runs from 11-17 June as we come together to spread information about diabetes that people may not have known before. Over at Redbank House, we wanted to know how many people the members of […]


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World Autism Awareness Week

multicoloured squares with black background

Since its World Autism Awareness Week, a blog about autism is obvious. Autism is a lifelong development disability which affects the way in which a person communicates with other people, and how they experience the world around them. Autism affects 1 in 100 people in the UK alone. That’s a lot of people who see […]

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