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September, 2017

A Rare Find: The Christmas Card Archive Folio

christmas greetings 1938 crippled childrens society disabled living

Heather Roberts (HerArchivist, archive consultant), has put together this wonderful blog which discovers the meaning and significance of Disabled Living’s collection of heritage Christmas cards. The archive Disabled Living have a fascinating history stretching 129 years. It’s a vital but little-know part of Manchester’s amazing past and present. On the Donkeys to Innovators project, we […]


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3 Benefits of a Quiet Environment

little girl with blonde hair and finger on her lips

National Quiet Day is in association with Whirlpool who are known for having one of the quietest spins built into their washing machines. The day is all about taking a moment for yourself to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and feel relaxed. Each week our days are filled with all kinds of noise. In the morning, you hear […]

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How to Encourage Children to Drink More Water

small glass of water being poured

Davina, Children’s Continence Advisor at Disabled Living, gives advice on how to get your child to drink more water. Adequate fluid intake is important for maintaining health and wellbeing.  Most school age children should have about one and a half liters of water per day with half of this during the school day.  Children will […]


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