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15 Best Christmas Cracker Jokes

red and gold cracker at christmas

If Christmas cracker jokes aren’t cheesy then they aren’t doing its job properly! Here is a collection of some of our favourite Christmas cracker jokes to get you in the festive spirit. How did Scrooge win the football game?  The ghost of Christmas passed! Who delivers presents to baby sharks at Christmas? Santa Jaws Who […]


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7 Ways to Beat the Monday Blues

can't crossed out to say can in chalk writing

Tired of the same old Monday blues and in need of some motivation? We have come up with a few ways to help boost your productivity this Monday morning. Be prepared We all tend to indulge over the weekend, making the trip back to reality on Monday more difficult. One way to prevent this is […]

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Kidz to Adultz Exhibitions – Amy’s First Experience

kidz to adultz north volunteers and staff

Redbank House are part of Disabled Living who run the Kidz to Adultz Exhibitions across the UK. Amy tells us about her first experience of attending the Kidz to Adultz North exhibition in Manchester. Being fairly new to the Disabled Living family, I was extremely excited to attend the expansion and introduction of services, equipment and […]


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Hiking in the Wilderness Through America

hike views in small glass sphere

Hiking in the wilderness, clambering through the small trails of America’s back-country already sounds like a challenge, but can you imagine if you were also blind and your dog was key to your survival? This is exactly what Trevor Thomas has accomplished! How impressive! Trevor has accomplished a lot in his life, known for being an […]

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Our Vibrant Sensory Rooms in Manchester for Children and Adults

multisensory room redbank house with purple lighting and fish projection screen

Here at Redbank House, part of Disabled Living, we have two sensory rooms. They’re very exciting as colours flash through the fibre-optic strands along the floor, streams of blue and green simultaneously twinkle through the bubble tubes on either side of the room. The disco ball sparkles as our classical chill out music plays in […]

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Oldest Runner of the Great North Run 2015

pair of bright orange trainers on the ground

An 83 year-old woman is the oldest runner of the Great North Run 2015. This September marks another year of the Great North Run which takes place in North East England. Gladys Tingle joined thousands of others on Sunday 13th September to run the 13.1 mile half marathon. Gladys was ill as a child suffering […]


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Welcome to the First Redbank House Blog Post

woman writing in notepad with blue felt tip

The Redbank House team are very excited to launch our wonderful blog. It will be maintained by our lovely staff (yes we are lovely!), telling you what’s going on at Redbank House. We’ll also include regular guest blogs and information on sensory products and equipment. Who are we? Redbank House is proud to be part of Disabled […]

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